Looking for Excellent No Essay Scholarships

Getting the necessary scholarship is a really complicated taskfor many students who need to prove why they’re worth it. Thinkof it as a certain way of convincing the committee and forcingits members to believe that you’re the best applicant. Nowadays,there are many colleges and universities that require allscholarship applicants to write a strong essay to prove why theyshould be provided with the admission. Even if you succeed to geta loan for your scholarship and handle the legal hassle involved,a bad essay can prevent you from getting into the desirablecollege or any other educational institution. This means that ascholarship essay can either make or break your chance to win. Ifyou don’t know how to write it in the best way, pay attention toavailable no essay scholarships because they offer a greatpossibility to avoid testing your writing skills.

Important Factors That Should Be Considered

If you still need to write a scholarship essay, there are certainfactors that should be considered:

  • The first thing that should be done is seeing if this paperfits it theme;
  • Its introductory paragraph should be very effective to grabreaders’ attention instantly because many committee members tendto read only the first lines of essays to understand the skillsof students;
  • The whole paper should be framed formally and have a basicoutline of your story;
  • Don’t forget to build your accomplishments throughintroducing different talents, awards, and activities;
  • Work on interesting topics and creativity structure to engagethe audience to read in a concentrating manner.

Following a particular method will help you write an effectivepaper of this kind. For newbies, you can find a number ofexcellent examples online, and they will provide you with helpfulsamples to learn how to present your essay to the committee. Thegood news for many students who want to apply for a scholarshipis that there are many no essay scholarships. They don’t requireapplicants to show their writing ability.

The Definition of This Category of Scholarships

What are they all about? The whole process involves special donorcompanies that gather important information, including homeaddresses, emails, and so on. In exchange, you will get cash foryour further education. After browsing the Internet, you can findmany websites that offer these scholarships with a detailed listof colleges and universities that enables you to make acomparison.

Examples of Beneficial Scholarship Options

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There are many scholarships that don’t require you to write anyessay, including:

  1. Practical Jokers Scholarship. It’s available for all Americanhigh-school students. To get about $500, all applicants need tosubmit their practical jokes along with their applications.
  2. Teens Drive Smart Video Contest. Students who are agedbetween 16 and 21 and who have their driving license must enrolltheir full-time high schools. They have a great possibility toget $20000 if they make a perfect short video that shares theircreative ideas on driving.
  3. US Bank Scholarship Program. All high-school applicants whowant to enroll in colleges are eligible to apply for thisscholarship. They can get $1000 after sending their shortapplications online.
  4. IP Video Contest. Students who are 13-18 years old and whoare enrolled to their high schools are eligible to apply for thisscholarship. It’s necessary to submit an official entry form anda video that responds 4 prompts related to the patent system.
  5. AFSA Scholarship Contest. It’s offered in 2 basic ways:high-school students can get $2000 in addition to a second-chancecontest open for anyone.
  6. Student View Scholarship. It’s sponsored by the StudentInsight, and it’s open for all American high-school students whocan get $5000.
  7. Duck Brand Duct Tape Stuck Contest. It’s designed forhigh-school students who are over 14 years old. Applicants canreceive $5000 after creating their original outfits thatincorporate the Duck Brand Tape.

When looking for other no essay scholarships, pay attention toNiche. It’s a very popular website that provides users with adetailed list of those universities and colleges that offer thisoption. It lists down a number of available scholarships thatdon’t require any essay to be written and submitted byapplicants. All you need to do is to keep applying for the sameeven when attending any college. Such sites promise to sellstudent information to colleges and universities, while they givea clear picture about their terms and conditions.

A Comparison of No-Essay and Essay Scholarships

To make a clever decision, you need to compare the advantagesoffered by both options. First, check the benefits given by thescholarships that don’t require any essay writing. The best partabout applying for them is that you don’t have to write anyacademic paper, so the whole application process usually takesless time. All applicants need to give their basic informationabout their personality and academic goals.

For example, essay scholarships are designed for students whowant to forward their education in journalism or English. If youprefer to study science, math, or other similar subjects, youneed to choose the second option.

Most conventional scholarships require applicants to meet anumber of important qualifications to be eligible. You may needto have certain grade point averages, take part in differentcommunity activities, and have other benefits that will attractthe committee. Many of these funding programs also requireapplicants to spend enough time on writing their essays toexplain why they deserve the money. This task takes a lot oftime, energy, and talent in academic writing. If it’s not yourstrong point, you have a high risk of losing even if you deservethe award.

The scholarships that don’t require any essay are quite simple intheir nature. Normally, they don’t take a lot of effort and timeto fill out applications. All you need to do is providing yourcontact and personal information in addition to basic facts thatyou want to study in potential colleges or universities. Oncethis task is completed, you only need to wait for results.

What about Essay Scholarships

As you already know, no essay scholarships offer the greatestbenefit for those students who don’t have excellent writingskills because they can skip this process. On the other hand,essay scholarships allow applicants to win using their writingtalents. They also help them meet all the necessary fundingrequirements. Applicants can use an essay as their best chance tosell themselves and leave a lasting impression on the committeeto get the desired admission. However, both options offer a greatway to get financed for your future education, so consider youressay writing skills and talents when making a final choice.

Unusual Types of Scholarships

When looking for the scholarships that don’t involve essaywriting, you can find the ones that aim for cheap marketing. Theyare a great place to start if you need to fund your futureeducation. There are many scholarships that don’t require anyessay, so students need to look at their descriptions to get abetter idea of their qualification requirements because they maydiffer:

  • Some of them require only relevant videos;
  • Others don’t require anything but your online registration.

Scholarship Focused on Social Media Exposure

There are many scholarships with no essays trying to go viral orget social media exposure in different ways. That’s why theycreate special contests where applicants do something quitesimple. After that, students share their experiences and mentiontheir sponsors. They are more marketing scholarships that arelegit and offer money, so you can benefit from them too.

The Importance of Doing Your Search

Use special apps and other online tools to make your searchfaster and easier. There are many interesting and lucrativeoptions that you can find online. If you prefer to use specialonline search tools, you always need to pay attention to thedetailed descriptions of available scholarships. One of the mainreasons why students use such tools to find suitable options isthat many scholarships are local. This means that they’reavailable only to applicants from a specific area. You can easilyvisit many scholarship sites at once to find useful information.If the idea to write an essay to get a scholarship scares you alot, you have an effective solution to get the necessary fundingfor your education without writing anything.

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